Let's be clear. Playing the oboe is not harder than any other instrument, IF you have the right set up and proper introduction to the instrument. Many practitioners in the field of middle and high school teaching lack the training in both and it is my goal to assist you. In this section you will find tips, trouble shooting guides, and links to other helpful sites. If you have a specific question, please do not hesitate to send me an email!


Tips and Tricks for Unlocking Your Oboists' Potential

Sample Practice Session for All Student Levels

Intonation Diagnostic Sheet

Oboe Bootcamp Calendar

Oboe Bootcamp Practice Material 

Useful Links

Midwest Musical Imports : (mmimports.com) Fantastic resource for double reed supplies, instruments, music and repairs. You can call and speak directly with an oboe or bassoon specialist.   

Trevco Music Company: (trevcomusic.com) Double Reed sheet music specialists. They have EVERYTHING. 

Oboe Chicago: (oboechicago.com) Oboe sales for Loree Oboes and Covey oboes. Shawna does a fabulous job of handpicking each instrument. 

ASU Oboe Studio Homepage: (http://www.public.asu.edu/~schuring/main.html) Martin Schuring is a fabulous pedagogue and has a wealth of resources located on the oboe studio homepage. Most information is geared towards the older oboe student, not band director. 

Repair Technicians

For repair of high quality instruments, especially cracks, please send your oboe to a certified technician. 

Paul Kober - pdk@kobers-repair.com   (located in Illinois)

Carlos Coelho - carlos@carlosoboe.com (located in Indiana)

Covey Oboes - coveyoboes@gmail.com (located in Atlanta)

Midwest Musical Imports - mmimports.com (located in Minnesota)