Calling all oboists! Ready to jump start your summer practice? Need to address an embouchure or articulation issue? Just want to focus on fundamentals and endurance? Have no fear, oboe bootcamp is here! I've prepared a whole month of outlined practice for you with the materials. Keep in mind that the outlined practice can be spread over several practice sessions throughout the day and should be supplemented by sight reading and solo repertoire. 

You'll find two files attached:

1. Bootcamp Calendar with explanations on my abbreviations. Just ask if you have questions. 

2. Bootcamp Practice Material

Pages 1-4: Gillet

Pages 5-10 Vade Mecum

Pages 11-18 Barret A

Pages 19--21 Barret B

Pages 22-23 the big summer GOAL! This is an ambitious exercise. Keep in mind that slow and steady practice will pay off!

Are you ready to start?! I'm starting May 1, so join in!